1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. 0.55.127157
  5. 0.57.128177
  6. Beta

Status Report - 29 Jul 2015

For this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be informing us on what the team has been working on for the upcoming update on Stable branch.

Status Report - 21 Jul 2015

For this week we have a bit of info on a subject which many of you have been enquiring about - Persistence.

Status Report - 15 Jul 2015

Yet another week is checked off the calendar as the team moves forward with development of DayZ. In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be filling us in on the challenges the team faces while on the road towards the next Stable branch update.

Status Report - 08 Jul 2015

Work continues on Experimental Branch where the team is working on reaching a suitable build candidate for the next Stable update.

Status Report - 30 Jun 2015

While development keeps moving along as usual, a lot of you have patiently been waiting for info on the new renderer, and for this week's Status Report Lead Producer Brian Hicks touches upon that very subject.

Status Report - 23 Jun 2015

As the team continues pushing development of DayZ, we have Brian, Chris, and Viktor providing us with a peek at what is on the plate for the team.

Status Report - 09 Jun 2015

Work continues on experimental branch as the team keeps hammering away at the next Stable build candidate.

Status Report - 02 Jun 2015

As the team continues iterating and testing on experimental while moving towards the upcoming stable update, we'll hear Lead Producer Brian Hicks discuss a bit of the methodology being dynamic event and vehicle positions versus player spawn locations.