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  5. Beta

Community Spotlight - 07 May 15

When going through new posts on the DayZ forums, I also stop by the Gallery section of the forums. It's a place to go to for a nice random mix of content that shows gameplay, rp, pvp, bugs, and other videos that encourage discussion on features/mechanics of DayZ for example.

Status Report - 06 May 15

We're rapidly approaching the experimental push of 0.56, and we've discussed over the last few weeks some of the things you can expect from this update to the Steam branch. I'd like to recap a few key points though, as we're close to this push:

Status Report - 22 Apr 15

As expected, work continues on 0.56 stable branch release. This release as mentioned prior will hit in the early weeks of May rather than the standard end-of-the-month update for April.

Community Spotlight - 22 Apr 15

While trawling through Youtube and Twitch streams, I came across Snaftii's channel. It is not one of the channels that has millions of subscribers, but the gameplay and editing in his videos looks really nice.

Status Report - 14 Apr 15

Build 0.55 has been on the Steam/Stable branch for a few weeks now, and with the new systems in place with this build we were able to gather some incredibly valuable bug data from all you eager beaver Early Access participants.

Status Report - 08 Apr 15

As most of you may know, last week saw 0.55 pushed to stable branch. This build featured the initial implementation of several key systems to DayZ, and in turn their behavior is as expected very early prototype.

Community Spotlight - 08 Apr 15

Yet again, an exciting couple of weeks worth of lurking around streams and trawling through DayZ videos on Youtube has passed by. This week we have yet another streamer that a lot of you guys will most likely have come across.