1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. Beta

DayZ at PAX East

In celebration of its passionate community, Bohemia Interactive has organized a series of special Meet & Greet events at PAX East 2015.

Status Report - 24 Feb 15

As we move towards the 0.54 stable branch update, I’d like to cover a few points that you all should know. As with all updates during Early Access, this is a development build and thus has its own issues, bugs, and so on.

Status Report - 17 Feb 15

As some of you may be aware, we've been experimenting a bit with the format and release day of the Status Reports coming into 2015.

Status Report - 06 Feb 15

As most of you may know by now, 0.53 released to stable branch with build 126384. After daily iterative updates to experimental branch, we were able to resolve the branch update preventing bugs, we moved forward with work on the next stable branch update 0.54.

Status Report - Week of 19 Jan 15

Its been a busy week over here in the DayZ development offices. With work pushing forward on 0.53 the team is focused on the last few remaining major issues before the push.

Status Report - Week of 12 Jan 15

As we move forward with January's stable branch update (0.53) the focus of the gameplay programming and production teams is primarily on security.

Bohemia Interactive and popular DayZ content creators at PAX South 2015

In celebration of its passionate community, Bohemia Interactive has organized special Meet & Greet events at PAX South 2015, providing fans with the opportunity to meet some of their favorite story tellers from YouTube and Twitch, as well as DayZ’s Lead Producer Brian Hicks.

Status Report - Week of 05 Jan 15

2015 looks to be a pretty awesome year for DayZ, I'd like to kick off this months Status Reports by talking a bit about how the team has settled in during our first week back, as well as some awesome points of inspiration for us.

A Year in Review - 2014 for DayZ

Happy Holidays everyone! As some of you may know, DayZ just recently celebrated its first year in Steam's Early Access program.

One Year of DayZ

Celebrating DayZ’s official release on 16th December last year, Bohemia Interactive has released a special anniversary video on DayZ's official YouTube channel.