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Community Spotlight - 25 Mar 15

As the bi-weekly Community spotlight starts rolling, it's been interesting sifting through the vast backlog of player creations across Youtube as well as jumping between the massive amounts of Live streams that pop up during the past two weeks.

Status Report - 24 Mar 15

Greetings Survivors! Lets start out this week by recapping what was shared via the Official Forums, and Dev Hub.

Fan Art Friday

As some of you know, I recently was able to take a trip to Boston to represent DayZ at PAX East with Brian.

Status Report - 19 Mar 15

Work is chugging along on 0.55 update for stable branch, and the department leads have been sharing information and images over on the Dev Hub.

Community Spotlight - 11 Mar 15

On the Steam store page for DayZ, one of the sections read “About This Game”... yep, it explains what DayZ is about. But, as that section on the store page explains more about the core idea and functions of DayZ, all players take it upon themselves find out what the DayZ experience is to them.

Status Report - 10 Mar 15

As the 0.54 hotfix hit stable branch last Wednesday, work has continued on toward 0.55 and beyond. Over the last week with myself at GDC and PAX East, our Lead Designer - Peter Nespesny has shared some of the prototype functionality currently being worked on.

Status Report - 3 Mar 15

Greetings Survivors, Last week the 0.54 update rolled out to stable branch. As noted on the official DayZ forums – a percentage of the active user base are experiencing abborant behaviour with this update. That said, work progresses internally on a hotfix for 0.54 aimed at addressing:

DayZ at PAX East

In celebration of its passionate community, Bohemia Interactive has organized a series of special Meet & Greet events at PAX East 2015.

Status Report - 24 Feb 15

As we move towards the 0.54 stable branch update, I’d like to cover a few points that you all should know. As with all updates during Early Access, this is a development build and thus has its own issues, bugs, and so on.

Status Report - 17 Feb 15

As some of you may be aware, we've been experimenting a bit with the format and release day of the Status Reports coming into 2015.