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  11. BETA

Status Report - 31 July 2018

Today we have a juicy Status Report for you guys, covering the content update, the Xbox version, Aimgate and many more topics. Have a read!

Status Report - 17 July 2018

This week, we are moving to push our first Content Patch to the public Stress Test branch. To start today's report off, Eugen is going to talk us through the remaining issue of the week as well as last weeks challenges for the team.

Status Report 3 July 2018

We are diving into exciting content regardless, as we will be talking about the upcoming first big update for 0.63. And we are happy to showcase another huge collection of your awesome community content - Let's get to it!

Status Report - 19 June 2018

Today's Status Report is now online. We have a quick recap of last week's Experimental release and talk about which features will be up next for you to test. Have a read!

Status Report - 5 June 2018

Eugen is going to talk about the upcoming weeks as our Stress Test versions gain more and more stability. Peter gives an introduction to the conditions of our new Central Economy system and Adam explains the ongoing changes to the Balota airfield.

Status Report - 22 May, 2018

Following the 0.63 Stress Test weekend we are back with a new issue of our biweekly Status Report. Today, Eugen looks back at the first results from the weekend, Peter talks about missing visual indicators in the current Stress Test and Viktor gives a glimpse into the progress of the animation team.

Status Report - May 8, 2018

Hello Survivors, Status Report Tuesday is here! Brian wants to tell you something important about his further work in the team, Peter is reacting to your feedback and Mirek has a new info about infected. Check it out: