1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. 0.55.127157
  5. 0.57.128177
  6. 0.58.129488
  7. 0.59.131121
  8. Beta

Status Report - 26 Apr 2016

Brian, Peter, and Viktor give us the lowdown this week on the current blocker issues, as well as let us in on upcoming work from the design and animation teams.

Status Report - 12 Apr 2016

Brian, Viktor, Miroslav, and Raist give us an update on current development in this Status Report. Subjects covered by the guys are blocker issues, network code, the new AI spawner, and the new animation system.

Status Report - 29 Mar 2016

It's time for that update on what's been going on during the past two weeks. We have a bit of info on blocker issues for 0.60 as well as which subjects will be in focus for the immediate future.

Status Report - 15 Mar 2016

Brian, Mirek, and Viktor will be giving us a bit of info this week in regards to subjects such as current blocker issues, work on spawn system and network code, and the new animation system. Hey guys, its that time again - Status Report day.

Status Report - 01 Mar 2016

For this week, Brian Hicks (Lead Producer), Peter Nespesny (Lead Designer), and Miroslav Maněna (Lead Gameplay Programmer) will let us in on details regarding the CLE, the new engine + renderer, and upcoming plans and work for the damage system and Enforce script among other things.

Status Report - 16 Feb 2016

In this Status Report, we'll have Brian (Lead Producer), Peter (Lead Designer), Viktor (Lead Animator), and Miroslav (Lead Gameplay Programmer) inform us of the latest work being conducted as we move closer to the 0.60 Update.

Status Report - 15 Jan 2016

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will let us in on the work currently being conducted on design, the engine, and the renderer as we have entered the new year.

Status Report - 10 Dec 2015

In this week's Status Report, our Lead Producer Brian will inform us of the current state of development as well as give us a peek at a couple of the incoming vehicles/transportation devices.

Status Report - 26 Nov 15

We're going to mostly cover Status Updates on the critical engine work this Status Report - as well, we'll talk a bit about infected spawning changes, and our current goals for .59 experimental builds.