1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. 0.55.127157
  5. 0.57.128177
  6. 0.58.129488
  7. 0.59.131121
  8. 0.60.133516
  9. 0.60.133516
  10. 0.62
  11. BETA

DayZ Server Files launch

Dear survivors, today we are releasing the DayZ Server Files. Anyone with sufficient hardware will be able to host their own DayZ server. You are now going to have more customization options and will be able to configure your servers directly.

Status Report - 11 September 2018

Today's Status Report will start off with a small surprise for most of you guys, so definitely check out Eugen's opening announcements. Our Lead Gameplay Programmer Mirek is answering community questions on the recent server issues.

Experimental Content Update

It's been a while since we brought our last major update to the Experimental servers. This content update not only returns several weapons, scopes and animals. It also brings back huge parts of the character representation, including diseases, environmental exposure, and soft skills.

Status Report - 28 August 2018

In today's Status Report our leads reflect on our appearance at Gamescom last week, where we had the chance to meet so many of you guys. Of course the big spot light is on tomorrow's release on the Xbox Game Preview program. Our Senior Producer Julien gave a first look at DayZ modding this week.

Status Report - 31 July 2018

Today we have a juicy Status Report for you guys, covering the content update, the Xbox version, Aimgate and many more topics. Have a read!

Status Report - 17 July 2018

This week, we are moving to push our first Content Patch to the public Stress Test branch. To start today's report off, Eugen is going to talk us through the remaining issue of the week as well as last weeks challenges for the team.

Status Report 3 July 2018

We are diving into exciting content regardless, as we will be talking about the upcoming first big update for 0.63. And we are happy to showcase another huge collection of your awesome community content - Let's get to it!