We have some news for you today! The first one is that this week’s Status Report is canceled. But don't worry, it is for a good reason! As 0.63 is getting into a better shape internally, we thought we could go for a more interactive way of presenting the development progress to you - we're going to organize a live stream! 

At this very moment, we are setting up our first public live stream of the internal 0.63 version of DayZ with our developers, and it will be awesome!

  • our Lead Designer Peter Nespešný is going to talk about the huge changes in gameplay, you will see the new player controller in action and we will be talking more about stamina, new crafting system and changes to combat
  • the animation team will show the new animations and what has changed
  • we will talk with Lead Producer Eugen Harton about our overall release plans, the events we are planning to attend this year, and we'll also answer some of your questions

We hope you will join the community on our Bohemia Interactive Twitch channel this Wednesday at 6pm CET. We expect the stream to run for about 90 minutes, and there will be a VoD available on YouTube in case you can't watch the stream live!

If you have a problem with time converting (who doesn't!), we have a little cheat sheet here for you:

  • Wednesday 6:00pm  Central European Time - CET (UTC +1) 
  • Wednesday 5:00pm Greenwich Mean Time - GMT (UTC+0) 
  • Wednesday 1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time - EDT (UTC -4)
  • Thursday 04:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time - AEDT (UTC +11)
  • Wednesday 10:00am Pacific Daylight Time - PDT (UTC -7) 
  • Thursday 2:00am Japan Standard Time - JST  (UTC +9) 
  • Wednesday 7:00pm South Africa Standard Time - SAST (UTC +2)  
  • Wednesday 2:00pm Brazil Time - BRT (UTC -3)
  • Wednesday 8:00pm Moscow Standard Time - MSK (UTC +3)  
  • Wednesday 12:00pm Central Time - CDT (UTC -5)