How long do we still need to wait before the 0.63 Update is released on the Experimental Branch? That's a question we get asked every day. While it's still hard to estimate exact release dates at this stage of development (we've learned our lesson about estimating dates), we at least wanted to provide an overview of the work that remains to be done before the release is a go.

Before you start scrolling through the list, we strongly recommend that you take a peek at the detailed Status Report we posted on November 2017 last year - back then, we provided a list of 0.63 goals that served as a basis for this particular checklist. In general, that Status Report contains a pretty decent breakdown of our development plans all the way to the 1.0. release - go ahead and read it if you haven't done that yet!

How to read the checklist

For each focus area (or feature/system) of the 0.63 Experimental release, we'll share the current state of development. To simplify things, we'll generally sort everything into four different stages:


The feature/system is by no means "1.0 complete" or balanced, but its state is good enough to provide a decent gameplay experience. This makes it ready to be released in an Experimental build.


The feature/system is currently being actively worked on. This can represent different stages of progress - recently started work, work that's nearing completion, and anything in between.


The work on this feature/system has not started yet - this is either because it depends on some other feature, or because the developer needed for this is already busy with other features from the list.


We decided to move this feature/system to a later 0.63 Experimental build, as it would further stretch the waiting for this first 0.63 Experimental release.



Checklist updated on March 23, 2018


  • Movement
    • Ladder climbing READY FOR EXP
    • Swimming READY FOR EXP
    • Vaulting IN PROGRESS
      • Jump IN PROGRESS
    • Throwing TO-DO POSTPONED
    • Leaning TO-DO POSTPONED
    • Falling READY FOR EXP
    • Player Dynamics
      • Player inertia READY FOR EXP
      • Player turns READY FOR EXP
  • Combat
    • Prone combat READY FOR EXP
      • Aiming 360 degrees READY FOR EXP
    • Melee IN PROGRESS
      • Evades IN PROGRESS
      • Blocks IN PROGRESS
      • Light/heavy attacks READY FOR EXP
    • Camera
      • Camera collisions  READY FOR EXP

  • Character Representation
    • Diseases READY FOR EXP
    • Stamina READY FOR EXP
    • Stats (Health, Energy, Water, Blood, Shock) READY FOR EXP
    • Hit reactions READY FOR EXP
    • Environmental exposure TO-DO POSTPONED
    • Injury READY FOR EXP
    • Unconscious states IN PROGRESS
  • General gameplay
    • Item Driven Actions READY FOR EXP
    • Crafting READY FOR EXP
    • Environment Actions READY FOR EXP
  • Player Audio IN PROGRESS

  • Weapon systems
    • Recoil READY FOR EXP
    • Sway READY FOR EXP
    • Reloading/Chambering READY FOR EXP
  • Weapon visuals
    • Particle effects READY FOR EXP

  • Infected
    • Stealth READY FOR EXP
    • Advanced combat READY FOR EXP
    • Expanded behaviour IN PROGRESS
    • Improved movement IN PROGRESS
  • Animals
    • Herding Behaviour READY FOR EXP

  • HUD
    • Character Status READY FOR EXP
    • Action widget READY FOR EXP
  • Main Menu
    • Character selection IN PROGRESS
    • Options screen IN PROGRESS
  • Inventory READY FOR EXP

We'll do our best to go through this list twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - even if it would mean that the state badges for each feature/system stay the same. With each update that has some new things marked as "Ready for Experimental", we'll also share that information on our social media channels! We hope this will make our development progress a bit more transparent, and hopefully, you'll also get at least some sort of estimate for the Experimental release.

Article Updates

Monday, March 19 - Hit reactions -> Ready for Exp

Tuesday, March 20 - No changes

Friday, March 23 - Camera collisions -> Ready for Exp

Wednesday, March 28 - No changes

Wednesday, April 11 - No new changes to the list. As a result of our internal playtests, most of our staff is now fixing critical crashes and bugs that will get us to a version stable enough for public Stress Tests. Developers currently not assigned to these important tasks are working on their goals for further releases (mainly the vehicles and infected as features). The feature that will be next marked as "ready for experimental" in the near future is jump, as we are in a process of creating data for that right now. If there are any good news and progress before the first Stress Tests happen, we will definitely share them here.

Tuesday, April 17 - Nothing specific has changed from the last team, the dev team is working on tweaking of existing features and getting rid of crashes so that we can start our first Stress Tests.

Friday, April 27 - No changes.

Thursday, May 17 - AI - Infected - Stealth -> Ready for Exp

                          - Infected - Advanced combat -> Ready for Exp