With regards to features, most of that's already in 0.62 legacy build will be present in BETA. Features listed below are either completly new, or improved significantly over the legacy implementation.

This major, fundamental feature set ultimately influences everything you as players do in the game - from basic movements to combat. It's an area where DayZ BETA most noticeably improves over the legacy DayZ builds.  

  • Player representation
    • Internal representation
    • Softskills
    • Lifespan
    • Diseases
    • Enviromental exposure
  • Player controller
    • Functional, overhauled physics
    • Functional network synchronisation
  • Crafting
  • User actions overhaul
    • Enviromental actions
    • Item driven actions
  • Doors overhaul
    • unified door sizes
  • Improved movement
    • ladders, swimming, drowning, vaulting, climbing, falling
    • unconscious states, death states and animations, captive states
    • suicide animations
    • item throwing, grenades
    • hit reactions
    • gestures
    • stamina and item weight
    • movement up / down slopes
    • movement inertia
    • moves and animations related to player/vehicle interaction
  • Ranged combat overhaul
    • new aiming model
      • recoil
      • sway
      • hold breath
    • iron sights aiming behaviour
    • scope aiming behaviour
    • weapons using the new animation system
  • Melee combat overhaul
    • better target selection
    • simple combos, blocks, evades
    • melee weapons using the new animation system
  • Prone combat

DayZ shines in player interactions, but as part of the environment, the infected are meant to represent a significant hurdle when scavenging through the towns and villages of Chernarus. Compared to legacy implementation, the goal for BETA is mostly to improve the infected in following areas:

  • Better target selection
  • Better movement in crowds (improved collisions)
    • Zombie hordes
  • Advanced combat behaviour
    • Multiple melee attacks
    • Expanded combat tactics
    • Vehicle interaction
  • More movement options and variation
    • Climbing
    • Vaulting
    • Crawling
  • Stealth
    • Realistic sensors

Animals in DayZ also play an important role in interaction with the environment. They can be both a source of food, and a dangerous enemy when players meet with a predator. Our goals here for BETA are as following:

  • Hunting
    • Realistic sensors
  • Better behaviour
    • Herding
    • Lifecycle
  • Predators
    • Wolves
  • Better movement
  • More variety

Cars, together with basebuilding a helicopters, represent a pinnacle of player progression in DayZ. They require maintenance and parts, and will be expanded by core technology changes, improving their usability and reliability:

  • Significantly improved network synchronisation, physics and simulation
  • Damage system
    • large improvement to how damage is managed on vehicles
  • Vehicle maitenance
    • large improvement in vehicle managment, usage and functions
  • Controls
    • improved control scheme and options

There are tons of features that support the gameplay and core loop, and even though most are ported over, there are some that have gone through singificant changes and refactoring. Some are completly new:

  • Persistence
    • Improved performance
    • Improved reliability
  • Central Economy
    • Expanded configuration options
    • Improved tools
    • Improved precision
    • Dynamic events
      • objects
      • zombies
      • animals
  • Basebuilding
    • Electricity
    • Advanced placing
    • Watch tower
    • Fences
    • Hesco barriers
  • Horticulture
    • large improvement in vehicle managment, usage and functions
  • Traps

A lot of work has gone into making sure that the engine that DayZ BETA is using, even though there is lot more development to be done going forward, expands the capabilties that both we and modders have available:

  • New scripting language
  • New rendering
  • New player controller
  • New AI
  • Network optimizations
  • Synchronization refactor
  • New animation system
  • New pipelines
  • New particle system
  • New UI system
  • Console support
  • New physics
  • New tools
  • Localization

Modding has always been a large part of Bohemia DNA, DayZ is no different. Bcause of all the new technology, you should be able to expand upon your ideas and change parts of the game that weren't moddable before:

  • New toolset
    • New particle editor
    • New material editor
    • New animation editor
    • New script editor
    • UI editor
    • Zone/Central economy editor
  • Launcher
    • Server configuration
    • Client configuration
    • News
    • Toolset access
    • Mod Publishing
  • Documentation
    • Examples

Alongside DayZ BETA, we will release an official dedicated server toolset. Available both on Linux and Windows, it should create (alongside other tools) a core of DayZ community in the future.

  • Available free on steam
  • Logging and stats
    • Expanded options for logging
  • Server configuration expanded
  • Improved login/logout behaviour
  • Local database
    • Player database
    • Central economy setup
    • Server side mission
  • Hive backend application
    • Full access to our tools to setup a hive and grow communities beyond shards.


If you remember our 2015 roadmap, you probably think some features are missing. Taking a quick look at our goals for 2015 (when we originally wanted to reach BETA), that's correct - in order to not further hinder our plans for a functional core gameplay loop in BETA, we decided that some of those features will be added later in a form of free platform updates after 1.0:

  • Vehicle modification

  • Barricading

  • Birds

  • Aerial Transport (Specifically planes)

  • Bikes/Motorbikes

The only feature we've decided to cut completely from our original 2015 feature list are animal companions. That plan was simply way too ambitious - we don't have the tech to create that feature to a certain quality degree now, and we don't see having that tech in a near future. 

This decision to move some features after 1.0 surely deserves detailed explanation. Let's go point by point.

With vehicles, we are absolutely certain that we want to eventually offer more variety in them, but a system of modifications to vehicles adds additional layer of complexity to the entire vehicles feature, and it would only further limit the amount of vehicles we would be able to release initially with BETA.

Barricading is depended on a large piece of underlying code that we originally intended to have available much sooner, and so in order to progress further, we had to make a decision whether to initially support barricading, or base building - and base building won the "contest" as the more interesting option for BETA

When it comes to aerial transport, we do want to have helicopters in before 1.0, but making planes accessible would mean a lot of extra time in development, slowing down what everybody wants the most, and that is to play DayZ BETA. Planes will be making their way into DayZ, but not with BETA/1.0.

Then, everybody's favourite: bikes and motorbikes. We've said that before, but sadly, as weird as it may sound to a person not involved in game dev, creating single track vehicles properly takes a massive amount of animation and programming work that we want to invest into other parts of the game for BETA - such as achieving overall polish of features like the character movement, double track vehicles, or user actions.  


As far as content is concerned, we've had to make some more shuffling around, and the initial BETA release won't maintain a 1 to 1 parity with the content in 0.62 legacy version. That said, content is easier to implement than features or core technology, and the progress there will be quite fast during BETA/post 1.0.

  • definitely in BETA
    • Offroad 
    • V3S
  • most likely in BETA, definitely by 1.0
    • Civilian Sedan
    • Bus
    • Littlebird helicopter

  • Handguns
    • CR75
    • FNX45
    • Magnum
    • Makarov
    • Red 9
  • SMGs
    • CZ61 Skorpion
    • MP5
    • UMP45
  • Shotguns
    • Izh43 (both variants)
    • MP133
  • Assault Rifles
    • AKM
    • M4A1
    • SKS
    • SVD
  • Rifles
    • IZH18
    • Mosin (all variants)
    • CR527
    • Winchester 70
  • Bow & Crosswbow
    • possibly later after initial BETA release, but definitely by 1.0
  • Grenades

  • herbivores
    • Deer
    • Bull
    • Cow
    • Goat
  • predators
    • Wolf
  • ambient
    • Hen
    • Rooster


When it comes to content, we again follow a priority list from visual and gameplay standpoint. The process, however, also applies to all the content we have created for legacy builds, as it needs to be re-implemented for the new engine and new scripting language.

It's no small undertaking. We have been working on just this part for a little over two years already. However, we have to be realistic - there is some content that does not impact gameplay heavily, and thus has lower implementation priority.

The items and their variety must support gameplay first and foremost, so some things you love, or got excited about on our Trello board, will come later on. We have set up content teams for weapons already and they are making sure we get to closing the complete list as fast as we can.  

Any previously announced content (be it from any official sources like our Twitter or the DayZ Trello board) and any content that's now in the 0.62 legacy build will eventually make it to DayZ - either as regular content drops during BETA, or as part of planned free content updates after 1.0.


We've covered what goes into BETA, and talked about some things that we want to add later on. Most of what'll be left to do after BETA and 1.0 is defined in the list below.


As suggested, we want to continue development after 1.0 release, and the list below represents our top priority features to work on after 1.0.

  • firing from vehicles
  • barricading
  • single track vehicles
  • bleeding treatment per limb/wound
  • area based occurrence of diseases and pollution
  • water streams
  • different ammunition types in a magazine


For the rest, our goal is to get as close to 0.62 content as possible during all BETA updates, but we can not 100% estimate which particular weapons, animals or vehicles will be ready for 1.0. We're putting all the remaining content under one list for that reason.

  • Handguns
    • Amphibia
    • 1911 (both variants)
    • Glock 19
    • Derringer (all variants)
    • P1
    • LongHorn
  • SMGs
    • PMR RAK
    • UMP45
    • Mini UZI
    • Bizon
  • Shotguns
    • MP133 with pistol grip
    • M12
    • Saiga
  • Assault Rifles
    • AK74
    • AK101
    • AKS74U
    • AUG
    • Groza
  • Rifles
    • Scout
    • VSS
    • FN FAL
    • B95
    • CR550
    • Sporter
    • Trumpet
  • Machine Guns
    • PKM
    • M249
  • Launchers
    • RPG
    • LAW
    • M203
  • Non-lethal weapons
    • Darter
    • Taser
  • Recurve Bow

  • Skoda 1203
  • Skoda 120
  • VW Golf
  • Multicar
  • Bicycle
  • Motorbikes
  • Plane

  • herbivores
    • Boar
    • Sheep
    • Ram
    • Pig
  • predators
    • Bear
  • ambient
    • Hare
    • Fox
    • Rat
    • Hedgehog
  • birds
    • Raven
    • Pigeon
    • Gull
    • Mallard
    • Phaesant

Rest assured, DayZ is not a done deal after BETA and 1.0. DayZ is a game AND a platform, and we intend on keeping DayZ alive for as long as it's viable (take a look at our Arma 3 example - splendid 4 years of post-launch development and support!). We also have some fantastic opportunities ready for the modding community.