Hello survivors! 

It's almost hard to believe, but the day is here - DayZ is finally releasing on Xbox One! We've been testing the game in a Closed Preview mode for the past two weeks (thank you, everyone, for participating!), resolved a good amount of issues that way and now we're officially ready to let everyone play the game.

Before you jump in, we'd like to take you through a few things that may make your first experience with DayZ a little bit better. 

DayZ = a hardcore survival game!

First things first: DayZ is an online multiplayer survival game where you have only one goal: to survive by any means necessary. It's aiming to provide a very authentic survival experience, close to would really happen if the world would come to an apocalypse involving an infection outbreak. To get the best experience out of DayZ, you need to approach the game that way. It's often very slow paced and tactical, but we guarantee you: you won't experience more adrenaline in any other game when you first meet another person in the game!

Also, it's not always best to try and shoot everyone - the best moments in DayZ often involve player interaction! You have many tools to communicate - from hand gestures or voice chat, to personal radios or public address system.

Game Preview = game in development!

We're launching DayZ in Game Preview, and that means you should not expect it to be a polished, fully functional game - we can only get there with your help, as we will need your feedback and bug reports! Let's take a look at some of the known issues that players now how with DayZ:

  • DayZ can sometimes have difficulties to load, and crashes subsequently - this issue has the highest priority for our dev team now, please use this workaround to delete all of your save files for DayZ - this will NOT delete your character progress!
  • The Server Browser can list too many servers at times - the easiest workaround is to:
    • 1) Wait until all servers finish loading in the server browser
      2) Scroll for servers that are located in a location near you (designated by a country code at the end of the server name)
      3) Make one or more servers favorite
      4) Use the favorite servers filtering option to display only favorited servers
  • The inventory is currently behaving in all sorts of weird ways (items not getting picked up, players being unable to fill in all inventory slots etc.)
  • You may experience issues when interacting with items in your hands slot (especially fireplaces, guns/magazines)
  • When you're in an Xbox Party, you can not properly use the proximity chat
  • Status icons may be invisible on some screens due to wrong UI scaling / cropping near the borders of the screen
  • Hits are sometimes not being registered when firing a weapon
  • You may experience various kinds of instabilities of game servers

We're already aware of those issues and our developers are working on fixes - these will come as the game gets updated in the Game Preview.

Despite the fact that DayZ is still a game in development, we think that you can already have a lot of fun surviving in DayZ. Along with bug fixes and general improvements, the next updates in Game Preview will aim to expand the content and features of DayZ. 

How to report feedback in Game Preview

We want to know about every issue you have with the game. Best way to report issues is to visit our feedback tracker and follow the instructions there. We welcome a discussion on suggestions and improvements on the official DayZ forums.

If you have a specific question or want to report something quickly, the best channels to use are our Twitter account or the Facebook page! You can also join our Official DayZ Survivors Club on Xbox and we have our own Discord server, too!

Frequently Asked Question

DayZ is a new release, so naturally, there are many questions! Let's take a look at some of them. Please visit this forums thread for a set of the most recent FAQ!