Hello Survivors,

it's been a while since we brought our last major update to the Experimental servers, 3 months or 23 Stress Tests, to be exact. But the wait shouldn't be for nothing. This content update brings the re-implementation of several weapons, scopes and animals. It also brings back big chunks of the character representation, including diseases, environmental exposure and soft skills. And that's not all - let's see what we've got for you in the update!


What does 0.63 Experimental Content Update bring to you?

  • Character Unconsciousness

Blunt damage to your head or massive blood loss can render your character unconscious. Other players can provide CPR in order to wake you up faster.


  • New Weapons

The well-known Mosin Nagant and M4A1 are returning to Chernarus with a number of scope attachments. 


  • Diseases

Be careful what you eat or drink: We are returning a first bunch of diseases and illnesses, including Influenza, the common Cold, Salmonella, Brain Disease and Cholera. They are a bit more tricky and less deadly, but for now keep an eye out for coughing, sneezing and sudden vomiting.


  • Environmental Exposure

Your character will feel the cold and wetness again. Right now these factors won't affect characters directly, so try to get used to keeping your values intact. Water will soak through your gear, making it heavier and therefore impacting your stamina.


  • Hidden Stash

Using a shovel or gardening tools, you can bury backpacks and other containers with loot anywhere in the world for later usage. It's also a handy way to get rid of dead bodies.


  • New Animals

You can now meet the sheep, goat and wild boar in Chernarus, be it just for wildlife watching or hunting for food.


  • Soft Skills

Soft Skills feature will now sort all actions into either rough or precise actions. Focusing on actions from one category will decrease your time needed to execute those actions, while also gradually lowering your required resources and slowing down the tool degradation.


  • Jump

We're finally re-introducing the jump - and if you're skilled, it'll take you to places that were not accessible before with the legacy vaulting system.



  • Voice Communication

In addition to the regular radio and the megaphone, we are now adding the radio backpack and the Public Address System, which you can power with a car battery to let your voice be heard throughout entire villages.


  • Ambient Loot

The days of spam-picking stones from ground textures are counted. You will now find stones, sticks and apples spawning dynamically on the ground. We've also added plums, pears and several types of mushrooms, so watch out for all kinds of food that can help you on your journey.


  • Compass

With the compass we return the first item for navigation purposes so you can find your way across Chernarus without losing your direction.


  • Map and game stability improvements

Our Map Designers have been working on numerous fixes for the Chernarus+ map. While narrowing down kicking issues the team has made a number of optimizations to the network code. Server and client crashes have been massively reduced as well.